Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the best solution to keep your home or your business beautiful, but you will need an expert. If you live in Lee or Collier Counties, we are your local source for expert pressure washing services. We handle all types of jobs, big or small, and with our years of experience, you can be sure that we have everything it takes to get your home or your commercial property the cleaning it desserves.

  • A house is probably one of the biggest investments a person will make in his life, that's why it is important to take the extra effort in making sure that is well taken care of. House's exteriors are exposed to the environment outside with particularly high humidity in Florida. If your house is not cleaned and washed regularly, the sidings, the patios, the driveways, the pool decks will gather mildew, moss and dirt resulting to an early deterioration of your home.
  • Removing all dirt, moss, mildew or grime that has been accumulated on your siding can be a pain if you want to do it manually and by yourself. Local Paver Seal and Soft Wash LLC provides the safest way to clean and protect your house or your commercial property without breaking the bank! We work on every material for our pressure washing services (wood, aluminium, vinyl, brick, masonry, steel...) with proper cleaning techniques for each job.

The force of the water sprayed with our cleaning agent will remove all substances that can damage your house or your commercial property such as vehicule fluid, algae, moss, mildew, rust stains, rotting vegetation, bird droppings and much more. These contaminants can create damages if they are not treated and cause expensive repair bills. At Local Paver Seal and Soft Wash LLC, we believe that when homes and businesses look great, we all do!

Soft Washing Solutions

Soft washing is another way to clean without using the forceful blast of heavy water pressure machinery. The soft pressure allows us to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that will eat away and break apart all the contaminants that are attached to the surfaces. With our soft washing techniques, there’s no need to worry about the damage that may occur from standard pressure washing. Soft washing is a powerful but gentle way to restore the appearance of new to your surfaces.

  • If you are ready to see what LOCAL PAVER SEAL AND SOFT WASH LLC can offer to your home or your business, call us today!

Local Paver Seal and Soft Wash LLC is an Estero Fl based Paver Sealing, Pressure and Soft Washing company servicing all of Lee and Collier Counties.

We specialize in cleaning and sealing interlocking pavers on driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. Also offer power and soft washing services for homes and commercial properties.