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Local Paver Seal and Soft Wash LLC was elected CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIAN in 2022

Paver Cleaning & Paver Sealing Services

Pavers are always a beautiful and attractive addition to any property. They make a popular surface material choice for driveways, walkways and patios but they constantly receive foot and equipment traffic, so they can quickly lose their charm and beauty. Paver cleaning is not simply just about vacuuming and sweeping dirt and debris, there will be lots of hard-to-reach areas and stubborn stains to deal with. We are expert paver cleaners, trained and insured. We always make sure to use high quality cleaning processes and equipment that does not cause harm to you, your property, or the environment. After paver cleaning, why you need paver sealing?

  • Pavers can easily be damaged by the elements. Without proper care and sealing, they often become stained or cracked, and detract from the beauty of your home
  • Sealing your pavers will restore them to their pristine condition. This is the best way to avoid issues and ensure that brickwork and masonry are cleaned and protected
  • Paver sealing keeps the joint sand together so they won't crumble and break apart. It avoids serious structural problems and stops weeds from taking root and cracking the pavers.
  • Although pavers are very hard and durable, they are also extremely porous. This makes them very vulnerable to oil stains, spills, and moisture related problems such as efflorescence. Sealing paver will also avoid these issues.
  • Sealed pavers are more durable and will stand up against heavy foot or vehicle traffic. They are also much easier to clean!
  • Local Paver & Soft Wash can also fix failed sealing jobs by stripping/removing old or damaged sealant. You have probably already seen some in your neighborhood whose driveways have turned white! If they are white, we can make them right!

Local Paver Seal and Soft Wash LLC can clean, protect and enhance your pool deck, driveway, and sidewalk pavers by pressure cleaning and sealing techniques. We simply have the paver sealing service that will protect your pavers so they can last. For more information or a free quote on sealing, give us a call at (239) 349-2213.

Why choose TRIDENT as a partner?

Trident products for professional are used in the pressure wash industry for over 30 years. Trident’s in-house chemical technology team, with decades of expertise and experience, is committed to developing innovative, high-quality products that can fully restore concrete, stone, masonry and paver surfaces.

They are committed to developing innovative, high-quality products—including deep surface cleaners, efflorescence cleaners, penetrating sealers and joint stabilizing sealers—that can fully restore the concrete, stone and paver surfaces our customers have invested so much in.

Protecting your customers’ investment with quality sealers that diminish the harsh effects of weather, stains and fading is our top priority. With Trident and Local Paver Seal, you can plan your next restoration and maintenance project knowing you have our promise of excellence behind you.

The goal of this certification is to build confidence and trust through higher learning focused on three critical components for successful surface restoration: Trusted Solutions, Purpose-built Technology and Comprehensive Training.

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Local Paver Seal and Soft Wash LLC is an Estero Fl based Paver Sealing, Pressure and Soft Washing company servicing all of Lee and Collier Counties.

We specialize in cleaning and sealing interlocking pavers on driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. Also offer power and soft washing services for homes and commercial properties.